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26 July 2009

When you get a bad grade…

All of us, at one point or another, have had a really bad test. One test, where everything just seemed to go wrong…Like maybe: you couldn't find your book, you were sick the day of the lesson, you didn't study enough, you studied the wrong lesson, you thought it was a different day, you were buzy, you just totally blanked out…or maybe you thought you did well, but then you were horribly surprised by the results.
A couple of days later, your teacher comes in the classroom. Your heart starts thumping…you're nervous but hopeful…He begins by alphabetical order. You watch your friends' faces: some are smiling, happy with the results…while others, look shocked, hurt…You wonder which group will you belong in. Although you feel bad for your hurt friends, you don't want to join them…And then swiftly your teacher gets to you. He calls your name…You walk as casually as you can up to his grade book and your teacher's unblinking stare.

What?! Is this a joke…this is a disaster. In fact, you're so stunned, dazed…upset and shaken all you can do is smile bitterly. What happened? Is that your mark, you wonder…is it really yours? Okay, you thought you didn't do that well but this…you can honestly say you have never gotten such a low mark.
You walk back to your desk and all you can feel is regret. Total regret facing you in every direction. If only you'd studied…if only you'd taken the exam seriously…if only you'd paid attention in class…if you hadn't listened to your friend who said you'd do fine without studying…that it would be okay to party and stuff…if only, if only
You feel sick to your stomach. This was an important mark- it was equal to an EXAM! Your eyes begin to water, unbidden and you hide your face from all the peering, curious faces.
And you can't help it…you are envious. Utterly envious of all your friends with their smiling faces who are laughing…and you're angry with that girl who's complaining cuz she forgot to answer one question. Can't she shut up, you think to yourself…What right does she have to complain?
You finally open your test to see where it is you messed up: what did you do wrong and you stare…you can only laugh when you see that the short answer question you skipped was worth a third of the exam. How were you supposed to know how much it was going to be worth? Short answer…it was an essay! Yes, he had said you should know it but you hadn't really paid attention. After all, you knew everything else- you did everything else…if you missed that one question, it wasn't going- it couldn't- do anything drastic to your mark: or so you thought….
Where else did you go wrong? You remember…the time…you had no idea time could fly so quickly. In the test, you'd been taking your time when your teacher had suddenly said "Time's up". You'd refused to give your paper…desperately trying to fill in the last blanks but your teacher had snatched it from you and you'd been forced to admit: whether you liked it or not you were done.
What else? Obviously the lack of preparation…all of this: these memories: were the only things you were left with and a BIG expected punishment from your parents…you were probably going to be grounded for a month: No tv, no phone calls, no INTERNET!!
Shamefully, you walk up to your teacher…Please, you beg him, please give me a retest. You can dimly hear your teacher saying: "Did I not explain the lessons over in class, didn't I ask if somebody didn't understand, didn't I give you worksheets with answers to check if you understand the material…I'm sorry, but I can't…there are many people who did really well, and it wouldn't be fair to them. My answer is no…It might sound harsh, but you're stuck with your mark."
There is nothing left for you to do…
Now, I want you to think about Judgment Day…are you ready? How do you know how much everything is worth? How do you know when you will die and your test will be up? Don't let it be a test where you're only left with regret: Get ready…you know how!
Contributed by Hanna <hana_happiness@xxxxx.com>

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